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I offer a limited number of unguided hunts in southwestern Alaska. Unguided hunts should not be taken lightly. In my career, I have witnessed several experienced hunters/outdoorsmen be overwhelmed by the Alaskan wilderness. I have also seen several hunters come out early because they were not physically and mentally ready for the challenge. Don’t let this happen to you.

That being said, an unguided hunt in Alaska is one of the most rewarding hunts an avid hunter can experience. You should consider this type of hunt if you are in excellent physical fitness, have a “can-do” attitude, practical hunting experience, and possess excellent wilderness survival skills such as map reading, first aid, camping, and orienteering. When done, you will be able to say that you guided yourself hunting on the Last Frontier.

I will fully outfit you with enough food and gear for the duration of your hunt. I supply modern gear in excellent working condition. I will provide a gear list for you. When you are compiling your gear, do not be tempted to bring the same kind and quantity of gear you would take on a Rocky Mountain elk hunt. Don’t be afraid to call me with questions like this and I will do my best to get you squared away.

Non-guided hunter groups will need to make a $500 gear deposit to cover lost or damaged gear. If the gear is returned and not damaged, the full gear deposit will be refunded. Non-guided hunters must also view a video about legal animals and meat care. I will send you the video and a form to sign and send into the State of Alaska. You cannot go into the field until the State receives your signed form.

Fully outfitted unguided hunts allow you to take moose, wolverine, wolf, and black bear. You cannot take brown bears on an unguided hunt. Fishing may be available for no extra cost. Contact me by email or call me at 605-887-3561 to discuss an unguided Alaska hunt.

 When researching a hunt, you should ask to speak with ALL of the clients who hunted the same time you are considering hunting the previous year.  It is foolish to consider booking a hunt with an outfitter before you speak with hunters who have hunted the same time and place during the previous season.  It is important to know ahead of time what you are getting for your money.  I am proud of the attention I give each client before, during, and after the hunt.  Most importantly, DON'T CONSIDER BOOKING A HUNT WITH ANYONE THAT IS NOT WILLING TO GIVE YOU PHONE NUMBERS AND/OR EMAIL ADDRESSES OF ALL OF THEIR CLIENTS FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR. 

The price for an unguided hunt is $6,200/person.


   Unguided Alaska Bear Hunt



The fishing is usually great!


Guided Alaska Hunting
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Willie Dvorak, Owner and Master Guide