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Alaska fishing is one of the most exciting things to do in Alaska. A remote Alaska fishing trip is one of the trips nearly every sportsman in the world has dreamed of. Your dreams of flying into a remote area of Alaska to fish for several days with your friends or family is about to become a reality. Whether you are a fly fisherman or you like to use spinning tackle, you will get your fill of fishing on this trip. Plan to fish a lot and plan to get an eyeful of some of the most spectacular mountains, glaciers, and landscapes in the world.

Alaska Fishing TripsThe best fishing takes place in August. June through September also offer great fishing. It seems that most people are most interested in having fishing for salmon, however, and that means we should probably set you up to fish in August. There are five types of salmon that inhabit Alaska waters. The most popular are the silvers (Coho). Reds (Sockeye), kings (Chinook), chum (Dog) and humpy (pink) also make their runs up the many rivers that drain the awesome mountains of Alaska's interior as they make their way up from the ocean to spawn and then die.

Other fish that can be available to target are artic char, dolly varden, lake trout, rainbows, pike, sheefish, and the most common fish of the Alaska waters, the hard fighting Artic grayling. Success for these fish is not so calendar specific. It is possible to catch several kinds of fish during any given day. The wide range of fish means you can catch your menu for lunch, dinner, and/or breakfast. Besides fish, your menu will consist of a wide variety of foods. This trip will be a very relaxing experience. Be ready to have a lot of fun.

The camp consists of tents, cots, and all of the gear that we will need to make your trip memorable. The tents are very comfortable and offer plenty of room for each person. You need to bring only your personal gear and fishing equipment. Plan to have a great time.

Cost is $3,000/person, self-guided, or $3,600/person, guided, based on a two person minimum. It is a 6 day fishing trip. The itinerary is to have you fly in the morning of the first day so you can spend the rest of that day fishing. You will fish the next four days, and then the plane will take you out the morning of the 6th day. If your group would like a longer or short trip, I can customize your trip for you. The cost of your non-resident fishing license is $55.

Give me a call and I will take you on a trip of a lifetime. My cell number is 605-228-8162.

Website: alaskafishingwithwillie.com

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